Thursday, April 5, 2012


Oktapodi is a short film that was set in Greece. Room 3 watched Oktapodi and was amazed by the graphics. Oktapodi means octopus! This morning we learned that about how to share your opinion with others. The main characters in the movie is orange octopus and a pink one.

The orange octopus thought that the man will take the pink octopus to chop her. When the man took the pink octopus away the orange octopus escaped and went after the pink octopus. When the orange octopus caught the pink octopus they both get away and then the man chased after them. After when the man caught them he let go of the both of the octopus as he accidently drove into the sea.        

My opinion of this movie is that it is cool because Oktapodi imagined the man chopping the octopus.

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