Monday, August 27, 2012

St Pius X

Alter boy
Serving, Receiving, Ordained.
Loving, Caring, Kind, Humble.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Olympic torch .

The olympic torch is lit in every game of the olympics. It still stays lit even when the rain and wind comes.

The olympics torch looks bright and it is made out of copper petals which are very light to carry. It feels hot and it will burn you badly if you are NOT careful.

The olympics torch is seen in the stadium so people will know if it is lit or not lit. The olympics happens every 4 years.

What is Anointing.

The sacrament that have Anointing in them are baptism and healing of the sick.

Special oil called chrism oil and holy water are used for Anointing.

During Anointing you are being welcomed and blessed by god.

Netbok Description.

My Netbook is a mini laptop.

My Triple E.PC looks Black with a Shiny outside and plastic outside also. Sometimes when I leave my sound on my Netbook, it makes a sound the next morning. My learning tool feels smooth when I touch it.

My black Netbook is seen in my classroom and it is charged in the C.O.W at night. When it is morning tea or lunch time we leave it in our tote trays.

My learning tools helps me post my work to my blog easy and learn something new on some websites that our Teacher tells us to go onto.

When I use my learning tool I follow the rules. My Netbook is used for my work and I do my work on my Netbook always. I love having my Netbook around me.

We are some of the happiest people in New Zealand because some other schools don’t have any Netbook but our school has Netbook.

My Netbook is very good for people because we can post our work easier to the blog and we love our Netbook very, very much.

Monday, August 6, 2012


This week I have being learning about Sacrament. Our class has made a title page. This is my work that I drawn in Tux Paint.