Monday, April 8, 2013

Goldilocks and the three bear's persuasive writing

My opinion is that Goldilocks should go to jail.

Firstly, she broke into the bear’s house. She knew that she wasn’t allowed break into the bear’s house. The thing that she did was trespassing and it was against the law. She also had no right to do that. Would you like it if she broke into your house?

Secondly, she used things without asking and broke things. She broke things that she couldn’t afford to pay for the things that she broke in the house. How would you like it if she came into your house and broke things in your house?

Thirdly, she left when the bears came home. It was so rude that she ran away from the bears because she didn't come back and ask for forgiveness. She also didn’t say sorry for what she did. How would you feel if she did not come back and say sorry for what she had done?

My opinion of Goldilocks is she should go to jail because she did not have a right to break into the bear’s house.

My learning journal

Learning Journal

Being a successful learner involves you being reflective about the learning process. It is about you identifying your strengths, weaknesses and areas you would like to improve in. Reflection just does not happen at the end of a task, it can be throughout a task.

I would now like you to take some time to answer these questions:

1. Are you pleased with how this term has gone for you? No because I want to learn my 12 times table.

2. What have you learnt this term? I learnt my 3 times table and 4 times table.

3. What have you found easy this term? Do my 3 and 4 times table because I know it now.

4. What have you found tricky / difficult this term? Doing my toondoo because it took awhile to do my soul friend book.

5. Who  / what has helped you with your learning this term? My mates was the one who helped me this term and my teacher.

6. What could you change with your learning for next term? Try and finished my work faster.

7. What are your next learning steps to make you a successful learner for next term? To put full stop and capital letters on my writing.