Thursday, September 6, 2012

X Country

Wow! St Pius X school had X Country on the 24 of August. First we had to wait for the juniors races to finish. I was cheering for my sister to run faster. I was so sad that she came second to last, but I was still happy that she just finished the race.

After the junior races it was seniors races. It started from the 13 year olds down to 9 years old. Mr Coakley ran with the 13 year olds. There were only two people who beat Mr Coakley, it was Siu and Rolland.

When it was the time for the 9 year olds race I was so happy when my teacher Miss Gleeson said “go”. Suddenly when I was coming first some people cheated and crossed the road but I didn’t care.

When I came back from the course I came third, but I was still happy that I just finished the course.

I felt very happy that I just finished the course. 

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Misiotei said...

Well Done simione! this is a very great piece of writing. I really enjoyed how you said in your story how people cheated but you did not care and you still done the whole course. Next time just put more details on your writing.

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