Friday, June 21, 2013

Jonny's Visit

On Tuesday Jonny Wartman came to room 6 at Saint Pius X Catholic School. He came to tell us how he became a graffiti artist. He also told us where he came from. He was from Christchurch. He told us lots of stuff about himself. After that we went outside and sat under the shade. Then he told us that he was going to do a picture, But he was going to spray paint. When he finished we had to take a photo of him and us. My favourite part was when he was painting with his spray cans. It was fun to have a graffiti artist. 

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Misiotei said...

Well done Simione!!! This is a great paragraph about Jonny's visit. I like how you said he came to tell you and your class how to become a graffiti artist I wish I was one and I wish I was there to watch him spray paint. This is a very awesome piece of writing. Keep up the good work Simione.

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