Monday, May 7, 2012


The sun was shining in the sky and we were playing Basketball. Wow! We were playing Basketball for our first time this Term.
We played Basketball on Tuesday after morning tea at 11am. When we got to the tennis court we had two coaches and their names were Bruce and Dwayne. We played games like Dribbling relay, Dribbling cones, and Run and shoot. Also we had teams and they were called Lakers, Breakers, Giants, Power Rangers, and Bulls.
Coach Bruce said “Always bend your knees and then shoot”.


Simeon said...

I enjoyed playing Basketball because I leaned how to shot the ball in the hoop. The hardest thing was gloss test because I did not know the work. The better thing that I did was Basketball

Sarah said...

I am pleased you are enjoying the basketball. We are very lucky to have the coaches in this term. Is there anything you find hard about basketball?

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