Thursday, June 7, 2012

Howick Historical Village

Wow! My favorite thing when I went to Howick Historical Village was when we did the Scavenger Hunt. First we went into groups. Half went with Andrew and the others went with Miss G. I was in Andrew’s group.

We started with first going into the thunderbox and newspaper was covering the walls. We then went to the tent and saw pillows and the beds and toothpaste. I said “A toothpaste is a Modern thing because they did not had toothpaste in the olden days!” We got out of the tent and went into this small house that was made out of small sticks and wood.

It was cold by then and it started to rain. That was when we got wet and we could not do something so we just ran outside in the rain and straight to the house that had number 24. I said “Hey look at that it says number 24”. then Andrew said “Lets go inside and see what is in there” so we did. “Wow!” I said “ It looks wonderful, I can’t stop looking at it, I want to live here now”. Andrew said “Simione, you can not stay here because it is only for olden days, sorry”. I said “So I can live in my own house, I’m lucky”. Andrew said “ Yes we are lucky that we live in a house because if we don’t we will not come to school and we will be poor”. We looked around for a long time and then we came back and had lunch.

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