Friday, June 8, 2012

Orienteering Recount

On a lovely sunny day we went out and had Orienteering. We had so much fun that I could not stop playing the game. We had some teachers, their names were Mr McGivern and Miss Irene and our teacher Mrs Deeney.
First we had to had a try in the classroom. Mr McGivern picked people to go and put a paper somewhere so we can have a try at finding it in the classroom. After they did that they all came and sat down on the mat so we could get a paper. Finally we started.

When the letters were collected we had to guess what they said. It said ‘Have a nice day’. Mr McGivern told us to go and line up so he could take us to the field to play Orienteering,so we did. When we got outside and lined up Mrs Deeney said to us “Be quite”. So we did. Then we started to walk to the field. Miss Irene give us a paper that had alphabet letters on it. She said “Take your marks, get set, go”! We all started to run and run, we had to go in pairs and my partner was Misiotei and we were the last ones to finished.

The bell rang so we had to go back to the classroom and go and get our lunch, so we could eat and go play.  

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