Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Broken arm

Once upon a time there lived three kittens and their names were Taiwan, Simione and Aisake. Simione had a broken arm because he got run over by a car, Lose the mother of the  kittens started to cry. The mum was crying for a long time. After the  mum stopped crying she asked Simione if it was sore and he said no. Kilisitina the owner went and took it to the vet and the doctor put a plaster on the cats broken arm and it was feeling better. The doctors name was Leki. But the mum was still worried that he will only have three legs left.

So the owner took the cat back home and the three cats were hungry. So the owner fed the cats and it started to sleep. After they slept Jay and Taiwan woke up and they started to wake up mum and simione but they never knew that they were jumping on Someone's arm. Simione woke up and started crying and they had to go  back to the vet and the doctor put another plaster on his arm because it was bleeding. So Simione felt better and they went back home and they had a good sleep. The End.

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