Thursday, November 21, 2013


Narrative Writing

Once upon a time the lived three boys and there names were Simione, Tony and James. They were packing their clothes to go camping in the forest. After they packed their clothes Simione drove the car to the forest. Then they went out of  the car and looked for a good place to have their camp. James was scared. Simione went and looked for some sticks to start the fire while Tony and James sets up the tents. While Simione was looking for the sticks he heard a noise from the bush. Simione started to walk slowly. Then he heard another noise. Then he started to run back to the tents with the sticks. When he got back he saw that Tony and James were already zombies. Simione started to run but the whole of New Zealand. was full of zombies. Some zombies were flying with a jetpack. They tried to kill Simione. Simione ran as fast as he could but the zombies was still behind him, Until he heard a gunshot. The man that shot the zombie gave Simione a shotgun, His name was frank. They went and fly a plane. First they upgraded the plane. The put lots of Missiles on the wings of the plane. They had to go into the plane. They had to put their belts on. Simione started the plane. Simione was scared but Frank wasn’t scared because he was a pilate. When they were flying in the sky the zombies were still following with their jetpacks. the zombies went fly back because Simione pressed the button to fire. After Simione pressed the fire button they went and fly all the way to Tonga. Tony and James were still following behind them. Tony and James jumped on the top of the plane. Suddenly they heard the top of the plane started to rip. Tony and james jumped down. They started to come closer. They were getting ready to bite them so they can turn into a zombie too. Suddenly Simione and Frank was turned into zombies. The zombies was in the plane and Simione and Frank took the zombies to Samoa The zombies killed everyone in Samoa. After they went to Samoa they went  all around the islands. After they went around the islands they went around each country. After they wrecked the country the whole world was full of zombies. The End.         

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