Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Once upon a time there lived four boys and their names were Simione, Taiwan, Justin and Jay. They were getting ready for Halloween. Then Lopeti came over and we thought that he was going to kill us because he was wearing a vampire costume. I was going to punch him on his face but he took off his mask and started laughing. Then they got ready, the got their bags and the left. Then Frank had a idea and he said lets go to Mission Bay.
After they left to go to Mission Bay They went to each house and they scared nearly the whole neighbourhood. Then they went to Glen Innes and they were so worried that somebody will take there lollies because Glen Innes is a place of stealing.

Suddenly a man came up to us with a gun and said “Give me your lollies all else i will blow off your head”. They started to run but Simione and Jay were just standing there because it was a fake gun also it was my cousin Frank. Then they went to their teacher Mr Slade and they did a prank on him. They went and knocked on the door and they ran and hid. After he opened the door he said is there anybody out there and they jumped out of the place they hid in and scared Mr Slade.

After when they pranked Mr Slade, Mr Slade gave them some lollies and they said thank you.
Then they went back home but on the way home we had to go and take Frank home because he was scared to walk by himself, So they had to go and drop him off home then we went back home and we started to eat our lollies and we played XBOX 360.
                                        THE END

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Christopher said...

Good work Simone and maybe next time you should reread your work and
don't put to many people to your story keep it up

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