Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Burning house

Once upon a time there lived a man called tupac. His house were located in east asia. he was lost because after his party he was so drunk that this weird man dropped him off to this weird house. When he woke up and he was in this house. When he got of bed he ran out and looked around, but he was lost. When he ran back inside he could smell gas and he ran to the living room but it wasn’t from there, so he ran and looked in the kitchen and he saw the whole kitchen on fire. He ran out and called for help but no one heard him. So he grabbed out his cellphone and he called his brother but he had no signal. So he ran back inside but he saw the hallway burnt, So he just ran straight through the fire and straight to his room and grabbed a shirt and ran straight out. Then he saw a hill right in front of him. Then he  saw Japan. He ran down, then he slipped and he hit a rock. He fell all the way to the ocean and he broke every single bone in his body. THE END.

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